Bullet Resistant

Steel glazed Bullet Resistant doors

Steel glazed Bullet Resistant screen & windows

Steel Glazed Bullet Resistant curtain wall

Above can be aluminum and stainless steel cladded

·    Bullet Resistant Glass is made through a process of laminating multiple layers of float glass, polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and polymer under heat and pressure. The resultant multi-layer product prevents penetration by absorbing and spreading the bullet impact force.

·  Typical applications include banks, currency exchanges, police stations, embassies, military installations, prisons, detention center, government offices, schools, hospital, museum, VIP protection etc.

·   Facade Solutions Bullet Resistant glass has been tested to internationally recognized standards at an independent test laboratory in US.

·    Facade Solutions produces a range of Bullet-Resistant glasses to meet the requirements of: EN 1O6S and UL 752