Aluminium Louvres

Louvres or louvers is a window, blind or shutter with horizontal or vertical mullions that are angled to admit light and air. Louvres are an adjustable light and ventilation system.

Aluminium louvers are used widely because aluminium louvre and shutter is not easy to rust. The key features of aluminium louver are:

  • Adjusting the light
  • Improving the visual comfort
  • Improving indoor air circulation
  • Protecting Privacy

Aluminium lovers are made from high-quality aluminium profiles, which are made from a series of processing, such as processing of punching and electrostatic powder spraying. The high strength and high corrosion resistance of aluminium louver can better adapt to the harsh environment such as hot and humid, corrosive and salt mist.

Aluminium blinds are mainly used for outdoor stair decoration, air conditioning ventilation, workshop ventilation and rain prevention and other places. Aluminium louvers are mainly divided into 65 mm, 68 mm, 70 mm, 75 mm, 80 mm, 86 mm, and 100 mm according to the blinds’ size. The ordinary louver is mainly used for decorative ventilation, which has little requirements for blade spacing.

Aluminium louvre can be applied to the roof of the workshop and the air conditioning departments of the building working as rainproof.

When selecting a louver, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration:

  • Architectural Considerations:
    Louvers can be builds in multiple places with visible mullions both vertically and horizontally, they can also be built into office and mall vent.
  • Location:
    Where the louver applied decides to select material and the size, and consideration should be given to their structural strength.
  • Performance
    There are four factors should be taken into considerations: Free Area, Water Penetration, Pressure Drop and Wind Loads & Structural Elements.