Facade Products

Steel and Glass
The exterior as well as the interior in perfect harmony. The material steel and stainless steel also in combination with glass fulfill the requirement in terms of stability and steadiness, smoke control and fire protection, heat insulation, sound insulation protection against burglary and also suitable for bullet resistance.

Profile systems
With highly developed profile systems made of a combination of the materials steel and stainless steel we offers the optimum solution for all requirements of modern architecture. The scope for architectural design using the transparent metal and glass structures are unlimited.

Product Range
Facade Solutions supplies full range of Glazed fire rated partition/Doors/Curtain wall systems ranging from E 30 to E 120 or EW 120 i.e. integrity only or integrity and radiation control El 30 to El 120 i.e. integrity and insulation.

Facade Solutions also supplies full range of Bullet proof partition, Doors, Windows for protection level up to FB6 as per EN standard or BR6 as per British standard.

Our profiles systems made of steel with glass

  • FS 60 N (Fire Rated Steel Curtain wall System)
    Facade systems with 60 mm Face width / Fire rated system
  • FS 50 CS (Steel Screen and Doors System)
    The fire rated system for Doors, Windows & Partitions.

Protection of today for tomorrow's safety intelligent fire steel door / windows and glass solutions

  • FS 50 CS
    The unique 120 minutes fire protection Steel door / Windows and Partitions System.
    A world novelty is presented with fire proof Steel slim line frames with 120 minute fire rated glass carried out in a Door, Window and Partition system. Specially designed to secure escape routes in high rise buildings, car parks and airports etc.

    The highly strengthened safety systems do not only provide 120 minutes protection against fire, but also reduces the radiant heat on the non-fire side.
  • FS 60N

         The Innovative "plug & screw" Facade solution with high load capacity, long lasting and secure ,excellent structural and static properties can adopt Integrity, Radiation and Insulation, properties up to 2 hours.

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